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On this page, I share with you heartfelt recommendations for businesses and individuals with visions for a bright future.

Leaving old paradigms behind, they are forging new paths to create a world that serves the highest good of all.

May you find these recommendations inspiring and empowering.


Apophyllite crystals and dried flowers by Katharina Tinkl
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Self-Empowerment Through Self-Development


THEKI is a unique healing and consciousness method that allows you to create a life full of success, health and happiness through self-development.


THEKI gives you access to a toolbox full of valuable tools that support you in every situation in your life. The method is based on scientific findings in quantum physics and neurobiology and combines them with millennia of ancient knowledge.

Shaping Our Future Together

The Living Earth is a platform where people sharing the vision of a bright future can find and support each other, collaborate, learn from each other, and make friends for life.


It also includes a growing archive of sustainable and effective solutions for all the different areas of our lives.


The Living Earth is a place to shape the future together, hand in hand with other like-minded souls.

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Organic Skin and Hair Care

Earth to You offers high-quality, organic & cruelty-free skin and hair care that “moves with the flow of nature = you”.


All the products at this London apothecary are made with soul and patience, harnessing the age-old wisdom of plants.

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Inspiration From the Fifth Dimension


SiriSana is a family of alternative medicine researchers and healing professionals brought together to provide solutions to the most recent health challenges humanity is facing.
The solutions that have emerged from this research combine the findings of colloid-based medicine and infopathy.

High-Vibrational Flower Essences 

LOTUSWEI creates flower-essence-infused elixirs, mists, oils and self-care rituals to help you bloom into your full potential.

Super-packed with the chi of flowers, the high-vibrational essences can instantly impact your state of mind and enhance your energy.


Taken consistently over time, LOTUSWEI flower essences are great helpers that can accelerate your personal growth.

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Integrating the Ancient Wisdom of Ayurveda Into Our Modern Lifestyle


Experience true well-being by connecting with nature and caring for your body, mind and spirit.


The Swiss brand Manali offers a range of lovingly selected, organic and ethical products – including soul food, Ayurvedic tea, body oils, incense bundles, oracle cards, and fairly produced yoga clothing.


High-Vibrational Streaming Platform 

All content on the German platform COSMIC CINE TV has been carefully chosen to serve as a beacon in times of change.


The goal of this high-vibrational streaming service is to have a positive impact on the world and develop a vision for the future that serves the highest good of all.


The films provide hope, encouragement, inspiration and fresh perspectives.


COSMIC CINE TV is currently only available for selected countries.

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Holistic Healing

The Heilzentrum Scheller in Germany specialises in live-blood analysis, based on the findings of HP E.S. Scheller.


The main focus of the naturopathic practice and training institute lies in dark-field microscopy, radionics and infopathy.


*The products or services offered by the affiliate partners listed on this page are heartfelt recommendations. I will receive a small commission if you make a purchase after clicking on one of these affiliate links.

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