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The Return of the White Animals Oracle – Card spread with different oracle cards depicting white animals

The Return
of the
White Animals 

– Oracle –


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A 45-card deck designed to help you navigate your individual and humanity’s collective sea of transformation.

Illustration of a white bison from the Return of the White Animals Oracle by Katharina Tinkl
bison cutout.png

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Cards with white animals from the Return of the White Animals Oracle by Katharina Tinkl
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Guidance for Your Soul

Let the White Animals guide you back to your heart and help you create a world that aligns with your soul’s deepest wishes for the highest good of all.


Walk alongside these magical creatures as you rediscover old wisdom, raise your vibration and bring healing to yourself, humanity and Mother Earth.


Dried pink flowers
Dried pink flowers
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We are all one

This oracle combines the wisdom of sacred White Animals with the magic of the plant and crystal kingdoms.


Together, these sage messengers remind us of our All-Oneness.


They urge us to overcome our differences, realise that we are all one, and start living in a way that honours our interconnectedness.

Recognise Your Power

Illustration of a white spirit bear from the Return of the White Animals Oracle by Katharina Tinkl

Our world is rapidly changing – and we can all feel it, in one way or another.


The Return of the White Animals oracle is for any soul seeking support during these times of transformation.

The animals in this deck address the challenges that the last few years have brought to the surface of our collective consciousness.


They remind us that we are powerful creators and show us ways to manifest the future we wish to live in.

Are you ready?


Trees and a lake in Möggingen, Radolfzell am Bodensee, Germany


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