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High-vibrational creations that celebrate and honour the beauty of Mother Nature.

Heart-shaped line art of a leaf and a crystal
Pathfinder – Katharina Tinkl.JPG
White Cow card of The Return of the White Animals oracle by Katharina Tinkl leaning against a crystal

Spiritual Art

High-vibrational, soulful designs to fill your life with love, beauty and light. Oracle cards, altar cards, art prints and more.


Soul Animals 

Lovingly created portraits and clay sculptures of your soul animal companions. I offer a variety of styles, so you can pick the one that resonates most with your heart.


Pet sculpture of a brown dog made by Katharina Tinkl
Watercolour painting of a ginger cat lying next to a red Garnet crystal – by Katharina Tinkl
Sculptures of narwhals made of crystals and clay by Katharina Tinkl
Sculpture of a squirrel made of dried flowers, crystals and clay by Katharina Tinkl

Crystals & Clay 

Magical creatures made of clay, dried flowers, consciously sourced crystals, and natural pigments. Each animal has a unique character and energy.


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