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Jerry Seinfeld recently said in a graduation speech at Duke University “The ad campaign for ChatGPT should be the opposite of Nike:
'YOU just CAN’T do it.'”
I think that sums it up rather nicely.
So if you are someone who has eagerly jumped on the AI copywriting bandwagon, then you might want to stop reading.
For you have now entered an AI-free zone.
Hi, I am Katharina, and I specialise in email marketing for businesses that genuinely wish to make the world a better and more beautiful place.
(Sounds vague? That’s because it is. But it sums up the kind of clients I want to work with, and, luckily, it’s me who decides who fits that profile and who doesn’t. ;))

My services include autoresponder sequences, sales emails, sales pages, and relationship-building newsletters for businesses such as holistic healthcare providers, coaches, artists, permaculture enthusiasts, animal sanctuaries, etc. 
All written by a human with a soul and an appreciation for the beauty of the written word.
Unlike many copywriters today, I do not marvel at all the snazzy AI tools like a kid at the candy store, happy to hand over my power.
I like to think for myself, and I hugely enjoy coming up with original ideas using my own brain.
I am not saying that copy generated by AI is generally terrible. I am just saying it has no value whatsoever, and it lacks soul.
So call me old-fashioned, but unlike (what feels like) the majority of copywriters and people in marketing out there these days, I still believe in a little something called 'skill'.
If that’s something you also value, do read on.
And, if you understand that your email list is an incredible resource and an opportunity to build long-term relationships with your subscribers and inspire them to become loyal customers (because you've earned and deserve their trust), you and I just might get along well.
Think about this for a moment:
How many of the newsletters that land in your inbox do you actually open?
And how many of the newsletters you once subscribed to – but couldn’t care less about today – do you move straight into the junk folder? (“NEEEEXXXT!!!”)
Somehow, they all seem to be saying the same boring stuff, don’t they?
“50% off this”, “Amazing sale that”, “Last chance”, “Final last chance”, “Really, absolute final last chance”, etc. …
(And, in my humble opinion, AI is not gonna help make these newsletters any more pleasurable to read.)
Now, I usually can’t stand having unread emails in my inbox (how some people can tolerate that red circle in the corner of their email app with numbers in the hundreds or thousands is beyond me).
So stuff gets moved into my junk folder pretty quickly.
There are a couple of people whose newsletters I signed up for and whose emails I DARE NOT delete.
I don’t care if the number in the red circle thingy increases. I know these emails will be great and include content of great value. So, for them, I bend my rule of not having unread emails clogging up my inbox. And if the number increases, so be it. I WILL READ THOSE EMAILS.

And that’s what you want.
You want to be the newsletter in your subscribers’ inboxes that they just can’t wait to read – and do not dare to delete (hey, that rhymed!).
You want people to simply see your name and be like “Yay, another mail from XYZ! Can’t wait to read this!”
If you are now wondering how on Earth to achieve that, do not fret.
That’s where I come in.
Making the most of your valuable email list resource is a matter of:

  • Understanding your audience and customers like you are one of them

  • Understanding how inbox delivery works

  • Knowing how to write captivating copy 

  • And knowing how to combine all those elements in a rather skilful and almost magical way ;)

And it just so happens that these are my areas of expertise.
So, if you are ready to invest in building a long-term relationship with your email list, establishing yourself as the option for the kind of services/products you offer, and seeing your sales increase (which ultimately means you can do more of your beautiful work that helps and inspires others), then let’s join forces.
However, there is one caveat:
To work with me, you’ve got to fulfil the following criteria:

  • You have a product/service that genuinely aims to make the world a better and more beautiful place

  • You understand and respect my no-AI-tools policy

If that’s you, brilliant – do reach out!

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Email Copy


  • Email copywriting, tailored to your audience

  • Helping you stand out in your customers' inboxes by embracing your unique essence

  • UK and US English 

  • German

Email Design


  • Finding the right style for your emails

  • Branding (fonts, colours, use of emojis, etc.)

  • Establishing whether elaborately designed emails will actually harm the success of your newsletters  

  • Optimising emails for your newsletter tool

  • And more...

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  • Nature 

  • Permaculture

  • Spirituality

  • Holistic Health

  • Art 

  • Animals

  • … and anything else that genuinely aims at making the world a better and more beautiful place ✧

Citrine and dried flowers by Katharina Tinkl

Happy Clients

Katharina is amazing! We have collaborated on a project where I need it an editor and a proofreader. Kat quickly understood the requirements of the project and delivered great results. She is professional and knowledgeable. All the corrections she made and advice she gave was on point. The work was produced on time and communication was very easy. I am super happy with the final product and overall experience working with Kat. Highly recommend hiring Katharina, I certainly will be working with her again.

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