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star Lions

When we each stand in our truth,

Each a radiant expression of divine power,


Our hearts and heads aligned,


Together, we manifest love on Earth.


— Katharina Tinkl


Art print

The story

This painting is layered with meaning.

It is a melting pot of inspiration, the manifestation of a potpourri of inspiration. 

It is inspired by


♡ the wonderful team I get to work with and 


♡ the White Lion card from my The Return of the White Animals oracle.

It transports the message that when we each live in our truth and come together with those we are in alignment with, together we can bring so much love into this world. 

The mountain of Clear Quartz upon which the pride of White Lions stands amplifies this powerful energy even more, radiating it out into the Universe. 

To honour this powerful Leo energy, the Leo star


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